Sensor Stream Tester

The Moetsi SSP has been designed to stream your sensor data in real-time. However, as streaming data in real-time is not reproducible, it is hard to test which parameters will work best for you. You need a way to "record results," so to speak. Thus, we built the Moetsi SSP Tester, which enables you to test how various settings and parameters affect latency, bandwidth and quality.

The SSP Tester runs the full encoding process for an existing video or image dataset, and returns metrics for MSE, PSNR, MSSIM. It uses the same configuration file format as the Moetsi ssp_server and supports the same input data and parameters to ensure that the results are comparable.

./bin/ssp_tester <configuration file> (<test time for live data>)

Here is an example of the output for a Kinect DK video (color and depth data) with 20x compression:

    [compression ratio];[0];16.1341;x
    [compression ratio];[1];14.0161;x

The key results here are a PSNR of just 39 dB and latency of only 8.25 ms.

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