Streaming with Azure Kinect DK

Stream Azure Kinect on Linux and Windows

Sensor Stream Server supports live streaming with a connected Azure Kinect on Linux and Windows.

MacOS vcpkg azure-kinect-sensor-sdk is currently broken so no streaming on MacOS until that is fixed (which is likely never).

Azure Kinect streams at high-bandwidth so if you want to send a sensor stream across the network it might be a good idea to compress the stream.

1.0 Prepare Sensor Stream Pipe

1.1 Follow installation instructions for Linux/Windows to build Sensor Stream Pipe on your development platform.

2.0 Plug-in your Azure Kinect

2.1 Plug in your Azure Kinect to the computer that you will be running Sensor Stream Server.

3.0 Run Sensor Stream Client and Sensor Stream Server

3.1 Run Sensor Stream Client with OpenCV (this will use OpenCV to visualize incoming streams)

./ssp_client_opencv 9999

Run with whatever port you have set in the config yaml (default is 9999)

3.2 Run Sensor Stream Server

./ssp_server ../../configs/serve_kinect_raw.yaml

You will need to provide an argument which has a path to the config yaml you want to use. Above we are using a config yaml that sets us up to stream color, depth, and IR raw to Sensor Stream Client.

You can update the config file to use different encoders to compress the feed and reduce bandwidth requirements.

You may have to try to plug in your Azure Kinect to different USB ports if you get an error connecting with Sensor Stream Server.

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